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International Colloquium Communication and Culture within Romance Europe

- First Edition, 15-16 June 2012 -

One of the fundamental directions of the European Union is recognizing and maintaining the identity of its components. Under these circumstances, there is a tendency of recovering not only geographically but also culturally the unity of the Romance world, given that Western Romania and Eastern Romania are now under the same tutelage.

The founding objective of The International Colloquium Communication and Culture within Romance Europe is in accordance with the views of the European Union. By organizing this international scientific meeting, we intend to create an academic framework for communicating issues of broad interest in order to support the unity and identity of the culture and civilization of Romance Europe.

For more than two centuries, Romance Linguistics has developed a traditional research direction, but has also been open to innovation, interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches.

The main sections of the colloquium (Latin Studies, Romance Studies, Romanian Studies) correspond to recognized areas of Romance research, adding the section Roman History and Archeology. They will be organized in sub-sections, according to the theme of the papers proposed within the areas of language, culture, civilization, history and religion of Romance peoples.