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Number 2/2005





Octavian Coste 

“Make” as a Light Verb: an Analysis 

Mihaela Cozma

Factors Influencing Translation Norms 

Biljana Cubrović

English Onomatopes

Daniel Dejica

Information Structure Theories in Translation: Centering and Staging  

Zsuzsa Hoffmann

Recent German Borrowings in English  

Gasper Ilc

Some Semantic Interpretations of Multiple Negation  

Iuliana Lungu  

The Use of Metaphor in Non-literary Texts with Special Reference to Political and Economic Texts 

Alina Nistorescu 

The Dynamics of Nominal Address in Shakespeare's As You Like It” and in Caragiale'sO noapte furtunoasă” 

Jelena Parizoska

The –ing Forms in English Word Formation 

Tvrtko Prcić 

Words in Context: Pragmatic Enrichment of Semantically Underspecified Meanings

Magdalena Roibu 

The In(n)s and Outs of Legal Translation  

Rodica Superceanu 

Translation as Product: Types, Properties and Qualities  

Simona Nicoleta Staicu 

Translating Legal Discourse: Criminal Law 

Nadežda Stojković

The Influence Of English asaA Global Language - The Example of Serbian – and the Emergence of New Forms of Identity 

Enikö Toth 

About the Subjunctive with Special Reference to English and Hungarian 

Carmen Velica and Floriana Popescu 

‘Chitchatting’ in English and Romanian. Towards a  Framework in the Study of Reduplicatives 

Wolfgang Viereck

Towards an Atlas of English Family Names

Jelena Vujić 

Some Preliminaries on Investigating Grammaticalness on Morphological Level


Chapter II ELT

Endre Abkarovits 

Experimenting With The Course ’A Cultural History Of Britain’ In A Hungarian College Of Education 

Savka Blagojević

What should a Non-native Speaker of English be Aware of when Writing in English for Academic Purposes 

Luminiţa Chevereşan and Constantin Chevereşan

The Frame of Reference and Redefining 


Adriana Chiriacescu 

Teaching Research Paper Writing in ESP: Language, Content and Communication

Andrea Csillag

Creativity in Lessons of English 

Ildikó Furkó-Banka

The Pro-Drop Parameter in Second Language Acquisition 

Beatrice Georgeta Ilieş 

Teachers’ Understanding of the Concept of Culture and of its Role in ELT 

Radmila Sokić Bodric 

Error Analysis: its Role and Place in EFL Learning and Teaching

Anca Stoian 

Bodily Significance in Teaching 

Andreea Verteş-Olteanu 

Internet and Language Learning



Sorin Ciutacu 

English Myths of Origins within the System of Archetypes. A Review of the Question  

Marinela Cojocaru

Iris Murdoch in Romania  

Ştefan Colibaba

Eudora Welty: Love and Separateness  

Ileana Cristea

A Personal “Approach” to Alice Walker as Depicted in her Own Essays  

Eliza Filimon

Power Roles in Angela Carter's Stories The Loves of Lady Purple  and  Master  

Agnes Gyorke 

The Voice of Imagined Communities: Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses

Nataša Karanfilović 

British Literary Heritage in the Novels of Patrick White 

Kálmán Matolcsy 

Liberation through Atavism: Post-Human Figures in Dan Simmons’s Hyperion Novels

Lucia Pavelescu 

Deferring the Moment of Justice in Anthony Burgess’s Tremor of Intent

Ioana Ploeşteanu 

Why We Don’t Like John Fowles Anymore 

Ileana Şora Dimitriu

The Trickster and the Prison House: the Bakhtinian Dimension of ‘the Carnavalesque’ in Breytenbach’s True Confessions of an Albino Terrorist 

Paul Titchmarsh 

Unhappy Families: Invocation and Re-creation in the Poetry of Robert Lowell  

Susana Vega Gonzales

A Comparative Study of Danticat’s The Farming of Bones and Morrison’s Beloved  

Ingrida Zindziuviene 

Boundaries between the Autobiography and Fiction in Katherine Anne Porter’s Short Stories 


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