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Number 3/2006





Endre Abkarovits

Irish Folk Music Revival from a Central European Perspective

Irén Annus

From Labor to Leisure: the Landscape Experience and the Constitution of the American Middle Class, 1820s-1850s

Isabela Ieţcu

Argumentation and Explanation in Three Essays by H.-R. Patapievici:  the Post-Communist State and the ‘Statist’ Mentalities of the Romanians

Margareta Petruţ

Aspects of Postmodernism in Canada

Emilia Postololache

Rhetorical Constructions of Jewish-Americaness

Steen Shoesboe

Images of England

Thomas Williams  

The task for Task-Based Language teaching: To Rethink the Cognitive Approach



Lia Blaj

Citation Practices and Authorial Identity in Academic Writing on Food and Foodways

Octavian Coste

New Words, New Concepts

Gordana Dimkovich-Telebakovich

Vagueness in English

L. Frentiu, C. Gosa

When Talk is War: A Metaphor Approach to Election Political Debates

Éva Kovács

On the Properties of English Verb+Particle Constructions Used as Nouns

Adina Nicolae

Health and Illness Metaphors in Business Journals

Predrag Novakov

Types of Verb Situations in English and Serbian

Ágota Ősz

The cognitive Analysis of the Modal Will

Floriana Popescu 

Anglicisms in the Romanian Shipbuilding Specialized Terminology

Biljana Radić-Bojanić

Pragmatic Presuppositions in Electronic Chat

Georgeta Raţă

‘Tree’ Compounds and Their Romanian Equivalents

Carmen Velică

From 911 to Wombanisation: Vogue Lexemes in the Limelight

Marius Velică

Headlines: Mapping the Reality



Elena Croitoru

Translation and Meaning: A Cultural Cognitive Approach

Ivana Đurić-Paunović, Sabina Halupka-Rešetar

Dealing with English Cartoon and Comic Strip Characters’ Names in Serbian, Hungarian and German

Mihaela Cozma

Discoursal Norms in Translation: The Thematic Organization of the EU Legislation as a Case Study

Vladimir Jovanović

English Phrasal Compounds in Adjectival Positions and Corresponding Forms in Serbian

Cristina Nicolae

Translating Poe’s ‘To Helen’ into Romanian

Veronica Popescu

The Unreliable Translator

Rodica Superceanu

Evaluation and Revision Procedures Used in Translation

Albert Péter Vermes

English Film Titles in Hungarian Translation



João de Mancelos

‘Transfix Me with Love’: Joy Harjo’s Discourse of Memory and Reconciliation

Gordan Matas

Cosmopolis and Urban Life

Judit Rajnai

Some Aspects of the Double in Charles Brockden Brown’s ‘Wieland’



Sorana Corneanu

Defoe’s ‘Mrs Veal’ and the Rhetoric of Certainty

Ágnes Zsófia Kovács

The Imagination in Henry James’s Essays

Amalia Mărăşescu

Magical Creatures in British Fairy Tales

Jaume Albero Poveda

Form and Gothic Substance in Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast Novels

Melania Terrazas

Wyndham Lewis’s Concern for Women: Making Sense of Tensions and Confusions in Everyday Life

Eva Zsizsmann

Trawling the Sea of Memories


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