The Faculty of Letters, History, and Theology organizes yearly The Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization Summer School.

The courses address all foreigners interested in the Romanian language and culture, in particular students who study Romance Languages, translators, cultural promoters, employees who work for companies with direct contact with Romania, etc.

This year (2016) the Summer School will be held between July 25th and August 7th .

For further information please contact:
The Summer School Secretary:

What do we offer?
  • The possibility to study or to improve your Romanian language in a Romanian cultural background, with the help of modern instruments and up-to-date teaching techniques.
  • A team of well-prepared teachers, young and open to dialogue.
  • Initiation in Romanian studies, with the focus on debatable historical and regional cultural issues, in a city and in a background with an unquestionable multi-cultural and multi-ethnic tradition.
  • Language courses organized on three levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and targeted at improving speaking skills (conversation) and practice.
  • Several cultural activities and visiting programmes made in order to discover the country and the Romanian people.
  • The chance to meet people with similar interests and to make new friends.

  • The number of hours:
  • 40 hours of Romanian Language (teaching-learning: 4 hours daily).

  • 20 hours of supplementary learning activities: Romanian language workshops (conversation and vocabulary; oral discourse; written communication), cultural workshops and visits in and around Timișoara.

  • What does a daily schedule look like?
    Intensive language courses – 9.00-11.00
    Coffee break– 11.00-11.30
    Intensive language courses – 11.30-13.30
    Lunch break – 13.30-16.00
    Romanian language workshops (conversation and vocabulary – beginners; oral discourse and written communication– intermediate and advanced) / cultural workshops and visits – 16.00-18.00

    Tuition fee: 350 EUR
    The tuition fee covers: the courses, the materials used, and the organised visits. The fee also covers the accommodation for those who choose to stay in one of the University’s student dorms.

    You can join us by filling in the form available on the web site Scoala-de-vara-2016-formular-engl.pdf and then send it by e-mail to the following e-mail address:
    The deadline for submitting the form: July 1st 2016.

    Taxa acoperă: participarea la cursuri, materialele didactice, vizitele organizate. Taxa de participare acoperă, de asemenea, cazarea într-unul din căminele universității, pentru cei care doresc aceasta.

    The Organising Team:
    DANA PERCEC, Associate Professor, Ph. D., the Dean of The Faculty of Letters, History, and Theology
    GABRIEL BĂRDĂŞAN, Lecturer, Ph. D., the coordinator of The Summer School
    BOGDAN ŢÂRA, Associate Professor, Ph. D., the coordinator of The Organising Team
    EMINA CĂPĂLNĂŞAN, University Assistant, Ph. D., secretary of The Summer School

    The Teaching Team:
    ANA-MARIA RADU-POP, Lecturer, Ph. D.
    EMINA CĂPĂLNĂŞAN, University Assistant, Ph. D.
    NADIA OBROCEA, Lecturer, Ph. D.
    CRISTINA SICOE, University Assistant, Ph. D.
    GABRIEL BĂRDĂŞAN, Lecturer, Ph. D.

    The Workshops' Team:
    BOGDAN ŢÂRA, Associate Professor, Ph. D.
    ADINA CHIRILĂ, Lecturer, Ph. D.
    NADIA OBROCEA, Lecturer, Ph. D.
    MONICA HUŢANU, Lecturer, Ph. D.

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